16 April 2010

Feeling sick... makes you brain dead, frustrated grumpy.  I know it dows most people.  Just that beadt, tired feeling, ya know?  The lost of energy, drifting brain... thought processs slow
OMG.  there is actually a law that will punish people if they find a wallet and return it with no money.  Okay.  Let me drop my wallet... um, how much?  I think it was empty... no, wait, yea.... it had money... yeah, like... $100!  No, wait!  $500!!  Yea, that's the ticket!  Cause that new gaming system is $399 plus tax... yea....

Okay idiots?  social medicine?  How about social responsibility? That's really what laws are.  Vindictive responses to deviations from what is at least claimed, if not accted upon, social mores.  Hell, we aer supposed to make amendments first, and bill show how to apply those laws.  Bills are NOT supposed to be new concepts in of themselves...  Medicare/Medicade, sliding scale fees at health clinics, unemployment... that's socialism...  (we only have a representative democracy anyway, which still is halfway between democracy and socialistic olligarchy (socialism for the rich only).  Retirement plans in companies or for federal workers.  Protective regulations (or idealistic altruism perverted by the typical humans greed) for the health and safety of the individual against abuses of financial and political greed.  Or the occasional purely chaotic amoral person.
What about the services provided by the city?  Water, police, fire, parks and recreation, street care, electical grid, sewer, libraries, support of the arts...  done by the local group for the local group... everybody shares the cost for shared enjoyment... oh hell, that's almost communistic~!!!  (Russia is Marxist - an economical theory which bases government and social growth frm a natural economic growth.... READ IDIOTS)...

yes, im angry tonight.  like I said, sick...  just tired of some bitch talking over me as I answer her question just to tell me every decision she was involved in in relation to the organizations library was right, Im wrong with everything, etc.   She was just too stupid to realize how stupid she was in general, and how much
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So I guess I was telling her the person who gave the books, which weren't even in the library yet because she can't figgure out the classification system even after several hours with the designer (I figgured it out in about 15 and chasing down the word "praxis" which I never really had to worry about before). But jab, jab, jab, i do, i do, oh you dare question me?  "m not going to get into it... you just not....."  was the last words she said to me.  Then tried to be all nice by grabbing my stuff, beside my arm going "is this your's? don't forget it.  trying to look between the two taped paper plates.  Grabbing my research papers for a talk Im creating for the Extension Master Gardner program Im in...

waiting for her to add the worth it.  Poor thing will learn what it means to have the intellect, 'tude, experience and knowledge to back up the simple statement:  "Next time you talk to me, I'll chew you a new asshole so large even constipation will be incontinence.

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