17 April 2010

Most likely Last Post

Unless angels and God proves they are real and come visit, this is my last post.  (Demons visit all the time, they don't count)

This long journey has taught me 3 things:

The only common factor is me.  So obviously my mood, speech, body language and intent really are mixed up, and I need to obiously go back to kindergarten to learn this.
Moods are just bullshit, not real, and I should learn to suck it up and deal with it.  This is because mental disorders are NOT real, and imjust imaging an excuse for not "wanting to grow up".  Guess kindergarten will be good for this, too.
Finally, I would rather have cancer, a hear condition, MS, cancer, rotting internals, then anything to do with my brain.  AT LEAST THOSE ARE REAL.  THOSE PEOPLE DEAL WITH.

Im just a crying, lying, denying little child who is nothing but angry, mean, and "just keeps being that way and getting meaner...", hiding behind imaginary disorders.  Therefore, I just need to admit Im a useless, lazy, whinny, self centered, ignorant little shit like everyone treats me....

so if that is the case, all of this is fake, and no one really needs it because according to everyone else at least Bipolar and ADHD are wrong... OH, that's because they aren't the current buzz words like other disorders....

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