25 April 2010

Im trying to get motivated to do jobs that show production.  A change.  Listening to how great social media is.
 "I've expanded my friend base so much.  There are no social or political boundries". 
 There never were before.  People are just lazy.  Not learning.  Easier.  Social Entropy.  Hell, what ever happened to pen palls?  Phone calls?  Oh yea, that's WORK to interact.  Now I can pretend to interact a few times a day to "catch up" on all of my "friends"... yea, whatever.  A "friend" is now just a simple encounter?  An aquantence?  An image on a screen pretending to be something?  More "virtual reality"??
In physics, the virtual concept is to explain mirror image sub-atomic energy interactions... to help understand reflection and refraction in wave mechanics... now its a term for "reality shows"... let's "show" reality.. with CGI???  what happened to pictures?  LOOKING??
They call pictures and painting art, but these shows perpetuating idocracy as part of reality???
If that's you're reality, maybe we need to fix one or the other.... and seeing that there are more people than you, how do you think I want to resolve it?  Take the easiest way out!!  One reality or many... which is less?  Which is easiet???  Remember that term Social Entropy?  How you guys prefere the stagnation of self???\

Idiots.  Lazy idiots.

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