25 April 2010


Been under quite a bit of stess lately.  Trying to get things done, take care of myself, take care of responsibilities.  Not getting help from one room-mate who can't keep his commitments, so that adds more.  One of my teeth has broken, and being poor, I can't get them fixed or at least have the roots killed quickly.  Being and adult, I cand't get medicare or medicade - I make too much, and am not considered disabled - Im functional, just not very successfully or nearing full capabilities.  One way, or another, im a failin, I just cant get it get it....
Overextended myself a bit... blew things off a bit.... ran a hid in depression and feelings of being overloaded.  Dealing with it now...
and the pain of this tooth!!!
just won't stop!!!

But maybe a heating pad and a good nights rest and doing some work tomorrow will help.  Then again...

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