10 April 2010

Talkin bout emotions

and it does seem like a lot of the things they do invite me to are sensory overload events in areas that aren't really home town
so with what was already going on with me from earlier, i just really....
melted, i guess. oh, wait... im sorry. i shouldn't be whining about this, since im the adult. i guess mental illness doesn't affect adults. Oh, but someone with a heart condition we need to sit down, because we adapt to him, but im supposed to addapt to everyone else because Im the adult and need to deal with my emotions.

(private info and statements)

sorry. i really, really, really had to tell someone that. been eating me for years and a lot right now lately

bpd type explosion. i don't think it is, because i can recognize cycles, and other groups of symptoms,
but there are... irrational periods based upon tension and being unable to comprehend what i see as hypocritical, or dual standard,
and i just have been on edge too much lately

it's just one of those.... containers
that store certain intense emotions that cause irrationality that usually have a functional overflow valve
but sometimes it gets stuck and the shit just backs up into the bathtub.

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