11 April 2010

Love the Lieing People of Putridness

I just love people.  We care for you.  we understand you have a mood disorder - high constant anxiety that can become paranoia, tendency to get stuck in a rut, esp. when manic.  A mixed states manic this can be either more positive or negative. 
Add high stress: not knowing about income  --  court problems  --  wondering if you should try for a part time job barely above min wage (and loose unemployement and make less per hour and then have even less money for next season)
massive pain from the tension headaches that was making my back and arms burn and go numb
sinus pressure from pollen going crazy this year - mold and juniper
two old root canals have finally fully deteriorated, creating absesses in my jaw i could never afford to repair
  (and still won't on the new insurance - it's too expensive.  But im taxed for it?  For What??? the lazy fast food lethargic couch potatoe hypocritical whining masses of lard?????)
Had to deal with teaching people that claim they wanted to ask me things because i know what's going on, ignore me, tell me im off track (maybe) and then much, much later tell me what thier doing after the third or fourth decision is that we'll do it this way, don't you agree???  (yes since it was what i told you to do form the beginning, when you CLAIMED you wanted to listen to my expert advice, PER YOUR DECISION.  Then you toss it aside, act like it's yours later, and wonder why im not so excited about your idea as your are.)

OH, that's right.  IM the adult.  IM responsible for my actions. IM supposed to adapt.
Oh, dietary needs?  what special things can I cook for you?
Heart problems? sit and let me do it...
Autistic?  That's the new fad buzz word, right?  better act like I care!!!
Bipolar, ADHD, Schizophrenic or Psychotic???  Get it together!!!  Let's over medicate you so we don't have to deal with you!!
Oh yea, and if we have to EXERT ourselves when your moody????  FORGET IT!!!!  your just a stupid, mean, ass who we keep around just cause we need a place keeper, that job is the shitiest there is... so lets give it to the crazies, no matter who or what they TRUELY are....

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