09 May 2010

Facebook superficiality

the idea about face book.  superficial short term interactions with many things... welcome to a close cousin of ADHD!!!  Try doing all those things all the time at once... wonder why we are tired?   I heard there was a study that after concentrating on two items, one's focus geometrically drops off that they can apply to each one.  Part of the focus is maintaining focus.  I think for ADHD people two items is the same as six is the same as eleven.. dull, confusing, crazy, and interesting! (in relaxed contemplative retrospect).

Life  F I N A L L Y  


            T   o     B    e
       S  L  O  W  I  N  G     D  O  W  N     .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I think....
Im trying.... Yes, Geniuses are something.  oh yes, become serial killers, and see the darkness.  But we see the beauty too, that you nver do.  we are on the box's edge, looking in and out simultaneously - we can.  Look at the beautiful 10% of reative geniuses out there, floating like stars, nebulae brightening the universe, while the rest of you sit inside, creating the black box reality...
Gardening.  Fun, cool.... oh, yea, post some pics of my garden!!!  It is kinda therapeutic, weeding and nuturing and ranting at things that don't care.  Love them..."as simple as a flower, and that's a complicated thing...."  would like to audit some advanced horticulture classes....

stupid show on.  gotta change channels... gotta do coffee.  great.. oops,not an important call.  just a mistake.  Cleaned, smoke, coffee.... mmmmm..... now some pie... cherry-peach cobler.  And loading pics into facebook.

so, superficial interactions.  Just like the neighbors who refuse to wave back or say hi...
guess im just to worry about myself.  Okay, ill let you bleed to death in your cars.  Ill let you bleed to death from the drive bys.  Throw away the extra food I grow instead of giving to a food bank.  Keep all my stuff so you never have what you need to make your life better, let alone easier or even live....

well, into news and politics and stupidity.  Some woman drives intentionally into cop shop.  does it again.  2nd time, cops standing in front of window where she did it to tell her to stop.  They run.  Then they charge her with attempted murder, NOT property destruction.  Oh, so I guess Ill stand in the middle of the fuckin parking stall and sue the person who parks there when I don't move.  Cops probably stood there so they could do it.  YES, most of them ARE power freaks or gun freaks.  Yes, I know.  Met them in military.  Talked with some.  They should be dumb marines, not pretending to protect me while they enforce the Judical system's rules without question... heck, they even tell the Army to do that.  Oh, that's right, we can think... hmmm and the cops are rejects from the Army's MP force....

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  1. Seriously why don't neighbors wave anymore?
    I miss May Day flowers...that was therapeutic.


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