14 May 2010

Im me not you.

It could be worse.  You could think you're me... letting me think Im you, then there'd be two dopes on a rope.  Or five freaks on a leash.  Or something different than the day before, possibly the same at some other point.  But time is partially a vector.  We aren't in the same spot, so how can anything be truely the same?  subtle variations must, MUST constantly occur!!!

aI really hate mooching.  they just don't get that stuff i buy i expect to use for me not them.  not selfish, they can see it.  moochers just too blind, ignorant.
i love sun and working felt good today.  seratonin boost, tired as all get out boost.  Could pass out typing this to you.  In fact, im typing with my eyes closed.  No where nearly as fast as I used to be, sometimes that is just the mind and hands not in synch with each other's functionings.  Then there are the times when I have comercial jingles for things I won't buy going through my head...

THEN there be my chickie poo.  Love her.

Miss my boy.  Hope he's doing well, but became social at a time when I wasn't.  But I understand a lot of the other stuff.  I wrote poetry in school too, I haven't had a chance to really talk to him, but I bet his hormones are like someone elses viagra-crack induced sex drive LITERALLY all the time!!!!

I hate stupid people who only read the third e-mail you sent them over the course of the day that just updates ONE of SEVERAL peices of important information in the front... stupid Idiot!!!

Gotta go hang out at the Lighthouse ya all!!!  Peace n Love n Animal Crackers on Acid!!!



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