09 June 2010

I Hate lithium, but:
The authors hope that these data might provide new ideas for combination therapies that diminish the toxicities of lithium, which has been proposed as a treatment for Alzheimer disease.
Lithium Therapy Improvement By Reduction Of Its Toxicity

Been off of depakote for almost 2 weeks now.  Can tell a huge difference in my obsessing, and mania.  It's subtle, compared to before, but if you are one of my Facebook friends, you've seen this.  I've even had some friends in town tell me they know what's going on from my posts.  The clarity, uniformity, and rationality aren't quite as high, and there are more posts.  Connected in my head, but not neccessarilly others or in a manner that shows how I see thier connection.  Focusing on music a lot, too.  It seems to still the inner beast... keeping a rythm, and involving more senses, so causes an apparent increased focus on a subject.  It actually is just more focuses on an object or concept.

Needing to stop one med.  Need to add sleep meds, I think.  Need to look into something other than Stratera, it doesn't seem to work much anymore.

Now just somewhat stressed, overwhelmed, lots of small naps.  Weird eating habits.  the equiv of one meal breakfast and lunch, then two dinners, two or three snacks at night.  Meals are mostly organic, vegitarian oriented with some meat here and there.  Snacks, are pure junk, usually chocolote oriented....

Pullin some of my last draws on the pipe....

Gonna stop very soon, just not locked down the date.  Several from now till mid August...

Peace ya all!

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