18 June 2010

Rain, rain, rain... a downer for most of you, feelings of lost energy.  For me it's like an energy sink... it doesn't just sap the energy, it physically steals it.  Feel it leaving.  Feel the motivation, the interest, leaving.  Bordom, sadness, frustration with my mood, extreme lonliness.  (add missing LDW).
Need to check my veggie garden...  kinda hungry too.

Added seroquel to my cocktail, and am slowly taking out the cannibis.  been day 3, on just 25 mg still, but the fog is somewhat in my head.  Hope I get out of it before long.  It would suck if it stayed this way... feel so slow and dull.  Trying to get my hands busy with putting trim on a mirror (adapting trim to a frame not meant for it, so have to Gorrilla Glue on the glass itself).  Ttyl - garden and a bit of shopping.  ill be back in a while.  maybe show you garden.  doing companion gardening.  Can see the theraputic gardening aspect.  Will have to check into it more.  Would love to have a place to help mental/physical handicaped ppl.
May do phone line.  Need to find out theraputic place near us for volunteer work.  Rain put me behind a bit today.  Feelings of being overwhelmed coming back on. Want to do some fun things, feel bad about it.  Feel bad for doing things that really shouldn't be a problem.
Gonna take off. links later on after Resume Page...

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