26 July 2010

Thank God... Litterally!

Well, lets see.  The biggest thing is that what could have been a felony is down to a misdemeaner.  BUT... of course, since it's another state, there is still weirdness.  Letter of the Law makes it seem like no biggie, the Spirit of the Law may been seen as different.  Depends on how the individual counties communicate, since it won't be all at a state level.  My state only looks at itself and the Federal level...  the lawyers didn't know, but NO reason for them to, in a county near the center of their state, and a smaller, poorer county.
The resolution is, so far, the best that I can have I think...

Just have to deal with quitting cannibis... completely... NOW is the time for all good men to step up for what they believe in.  Now is the time for all GREAT women to stand beside their men, nuturing them in private to give them their strength.  Now is the time to start stopping...

gotta get ready to get ready for a cruise to church here soon.  Would like to harvest a bit.  Then a few hours of work, maybe.

man, I need to FTD my LDW with the   LHD !!!

Actually worked at church and did nothing for me...  which, i guess in a way, IS for me...

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