05 September 2010

meta-meta-physics we're all religious now...

never said i was insaine, just crazy sometimes. crazy because the thought patterns are non standard for me.  some of them which are standard are not standard for you.  some of them are not condusive to the propogation of the species.  this makes it crazy.
insaine? i know when i've lost the power of sanity... i watch from the little raft in the middle of the flood, remember?  at least now i have a guide.  chosen my path. still get to keep my free will cats, even though i loose it and give it up and am molded and yadda and.... only if i listen. so im choosing to listen... to follow what i've chosen as the best, most correct path... need to study newton again with his metaphysical writings.  think that's the cat i'm thinking of. and if im right, gallileo was at least deist. he just saw that god made it differently, right?
ah, crud. study after study after study.
anyway, im not crazy....
jus......... the translator between the crazy and mad, the creative and smart. wish i could help everyone. wish i could stay patient.

peace and blessings, all.  Prayers.
thanks vets

ps if you heard the tune in the title... groovy days and im glad you have the privilage of thinking like me!

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Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.