11 September 2010

Been gone a long time.  Good times, bad times.  Spending a lot of time with my special other, becoming closer and taking care of her as best as I can so far away.

Working a lot more too - chemical applicator.  CRAPLOADS of walking... and learning turf.  NOT my favorite plant, that's for sure, but a job, and somewhat interesting. Challenging, for sure, with the similarities yet radical differences to ornamental plants.

Having found true accepting unconditional love has changed my radical outlook on life quite a bit.  ooppss - hungry. toast n peanut butter, hold on.

huh. did a lot since then... naped, movie, hung with friends... back to the conversation at hand.

so irritated. so many little things crashing around. nothing working easy, misplacing things, hateful of past things and people, feeling arragant and self rightous in everything underneath the somewhat seething explosion... Nitro with ferilizer, desiel, and a bit of potasium XXXXX  (sorry, won't mention that one or the sources for it - too many idiots out there)
See?  I almost said too many of you are idiots.  That's my mood right now. And Im telling myself in the back of my head im really correct, even if Im not being "nice". People want me to accept the truth of my disorder. Accept the truth of your mentality and ignorance of the rational and irrational battles in your OWN head before condeming mine!  Just can't get away from it tonight.

Gonna actually watch the news now.

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