21 October 2010

Interesting Brain Chemistry Stuff

Brains..... Brains.... that's what makes the pain go away!  FRESH BRAINS!!!  (excuse my zombie motif there - it was just TOO apropos!)

Looking at a couple of articles updating basic brain chemistry info, and I thought I would toss them your way.  They primarially state "schizoidphrenia", but mention Autism specifically in one. However, in general, there are some psychotic aspects to Bipolar as well.  Also, just a general understanding of that whole area lets you understand a bit better what MAY specifically be happening to the general... shall we say, "deviations" my/our/your chemistry has to "us" (i'll say 'traditionally' diagnosed by psychiatrist and under a specific care for disorder vs. mentioning a few transient symptoms and reciving a pill from a general practitioner) vs. "you" or "them" (those that do not have a disorder, along with the transient symptotic people above)

New research (article) has linked psychosis with an abnormal relationship between two signalling chemicals in the brain (thesis summary)....    ...glutamate and dopamine, but in people with early signs of psychosis, we see this abnormal relationship...
so, there you go with article number one.  Tried to prep you a bit, but as always, nerdy and wordy but not too complicated (you don't have to keep opening up windows to define 60 billion words, anyway)

And such a downer day, today, too.  Boss effectively had me do work that he didn't feel like doing - meticulous work and then carying rocks one at a time (because he didn't tell me his wheelbarrow was broken, like the ones at the shop).  So, since this lying, weak, phisodal human was lazy, I got some work.  But really, really don't want to do it.  Why do it for a cheat and a scam artist?

Another one, based on similar subject matter, but not quite same type of test.  I know this isn't really a chemistry thing, but it seems to be in the same vein - MRI studies of the areas with problems in these two groups to the neurotransmitter information above.  Need to review the first a bit more, and see what the sum of the two articles are or can be...

Compared to the children in the control group, those with bipolar disorder and ADHD showed dysfunction in the prefrontal cortex, which controls behavior (such as impulsivity), executive function, working memory, attention and language, according to the report in the October issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

A final one. I'll review in a few days... just had this sitting here for two days open, partially working on it. (This seems to tie in even better than the brain scan... but I think the brain scan is important in expanding knowledge and understanding)

UCLA scientists have discovered that exposing fetal neurons to higher than normal levels of a common immune protein leads to abnormal brain development in mice.

Rap with ya all later!!!
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