19 October 2010

Just a few more links, Guys

Guys are capitalized 'cause one of these is REALLY just for the guys, ladies... so don't worry, no sexism... (well, not this second at least)

I know, I know, it sucks.  Maybe that's why I found out that as a male, there is a 4x (at least, maybe more) chance of having a child with bipolar or autism or schizoidphrenia.

Oh that Atlanta preacher... David against Goliath.... with 5 rocks... hmmm... there are 5 kids claiming he took advantage of them.  Soooo.... each kid is just a rock for him to throw at the "goliath" of the legal system???  sounds so fuckin Christian to me...
 Genetic Finding Identifies Male-Linked Mutation Associated With Autism
"This finding begins to explain the sex bias we see in autism," remarked Autism Speaks Vice President for Scientific Affairs Andy Shih, Ph.D. "PTCHD1 is located on the X chromosome. Since males have one copy of the X chromosome while females have two, they have no 'back up copy' if there is a deleterious variant on the X chromosome."

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