03 October 2010

Links first, then real post

But the way they have the input system done, it's last in, first seen. so i guess even though the links are first, they're last...

Genetic Finding Identifies Male-Linked Mutation Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Link Between Certain Psychiatric Disorders And Risky Sexual Behavior In Teens
     (like duh, haven't we seen that in me? in yours? in others??? mania kicks in, accelerates and increases the hormones... and just experiencing them? crap, even at my age my brain's response hasn't changed for 30-ish years, and Im over 43! geeze!!!!)

NHS Failing Children With Autism: A National Autistic Society Response To The Kennedy Review, UK  (just to see things are as tough over there, too!)

okay, now to some other thoughts... gotta organize them once I find them!!!

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