01 October 2010

Been quite frustrating with work lately.  Yesterday, called in, saying a bit late.  Changed from ER to SR Depakote, and my stomach had been quesey for a few days - I take a dose in the evening and morning now.  Well, I show up to work, and the boss says "I don't care if your working by yourself, but when you are on a crew, I don't want this". Well, I showed up. You don't tell us what we are doing the next day.
I guess you want me working without my meds? Doing worse? First place I know of where it's not appreciated that you show up and worked at mostly efficient... Now he's arguing about what we agreed upon for payroll next spring. Then finally, because I ended backing up where me and the other employee wanted, for our convinience, he complains because it's a bit off where he wanted - "you need to learn to back up" and then gets pissy at me. Get's pissy at what I selected from a place - he gives me 2 plants to pick, tells me to pick others.  Then changes the plan he showed me when we are there, and tells me I don't know how to choose things.  He DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE STORE, NOT A NURSERY, HAD AVAILABLE!!!
Just another pain in the ass with a B...... of a boss today.

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