16 October 2010

Mutual usage in an "At-Will Employement" State

More frustration with the social system in this state... but I doubt it will change - it would "kill the small businesses" (like the health care changes really aren't - they have to supply it, they don't have to supply it cheaply), and the whole agg. system are traditionally (making sense to a certain degree historically) and will want to stay, "At Will Employment"... esp. with how easily day workers can fit into it with all kinds of loop holes for the companies hiring them...
hmmm.... nope, maybe it's states like KS that need to pay for the increased boarder control... we want them, for our cheap migratory workers, want to give them just enough access to be here, maybe even to the point of not caring about their history or legality...
But as a U.S. Citizen, I have my legal history checked... my credit history checked (for whatever fuckin reason which I don't allow which I know has cost me jobs)... medical history... personal and professional references...and they expect me to sign this away with the wording wrapped up in the "to the best of my knowledge the aforementioned...".  I've crossed it out {the wording that says it is okay for them to review that because it's important for a landscaping company to know what I owe to whom. What The Fuck Ever}.
I've told human resources I'm NOT white, they don't know my history, get off it.  I have Prussian and Cajun, NOT WHITE...  maybe in your two tone world of blinders all you can see is white, but.....    Pull off your polarized glasses of ignorance and narcissistic superficiality of assisting those different than you and and mass of sheep and cattle you roam with, because I'm a creative, analytical, synthesising individual with more skills than you can even contemplate in your 1 cylinder non-maintained poor quality cracked motor!!!  (Just to keep on track, I'm still on the whole human resources from the co. to state level thingy here)

Okay... Back to what's been going on, with work, and what set up the above rambling paragraph near free flow consciousness.

What was the deal.. oh yea, work...thinking about enjoying last afternoon/evening outside here. hold on, computer move.
Okay, that was a lot more complicated than it needed to be.  Anyway, back on the up and running.  Thought I'd let you know, a friend now has me addicted to Fresca.  More money..... yikes...
Lets see...
1) After telling him the least I could accept on payroll was $10.2 an hour for part season as a "get to know each other" trial period thing, we discussed cash. 
I said, "Accepting cash, yes, $9.00 is okay.;  But when I go to payroll later this fall, it will have to be $10.20.
He said "Okay...okay". Then this fall, when we discussed the change, he kept saying "$9.00 per hour" for payroll.

2) He has hid behind a friend of mine, writing a letter with her signature - a bad forgery at that.  Has her say things he wants said.  Not things she would really say (some of them only employer would know), said in a manner that is just not the way she talks (quite rude verbiage) and she couldn't authorize an advance payment on the payroll anyway, so why would she comment on how much this guy can/should get? (i'm friends with both).

3) He poorly communicates his ideas through poorly drawn sketches, vague directions on what to plant, uses one color to show shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, new and existing beds, has substitutions of plants not mentioned to personnel or customer until called on it, and of course, wants my "knowledge and experience" when it saves him money, but when I try to ensure a decent planting that will last at least one season with proper planting techniques, I'm waisting time and unnecessary work...

4)He's a lush. Not just a heavy drinker, but the add vodka to coffee and fruit drinks during the day while having a constant wad of mint chew and a Listerine tab in his mouth.  Nothing against alcoholics, other than you need to worry about your health for your kid (he has one), your wife (again), your & co-worker's safety, and he OWNS THE BUSINESS!!!! WTF????

5) I'm scared to operate one of his vehicles. ANY one of them.All driver's seat belts are dysfunctional. Not all blinkers work.  One has a hole over the exhaust pipes. Windshield wipers are dry rotted. Each vehicle has at least one tire that is bald or ballooned a bit. Doesn't retain fluids...

But he's going to send me to a week long program by a nationally recognized turf and ornamental organization, and it is semi-regular work till mid December or so.  Then I have to find part time seasonal... yea. gonna have to get ready to start applying for that soon...

do you believe that? gone about 10 minutes and a spider has decided to use my lap top as an anchor for two of it's web strands.  Talk about milli-second dumpster diving!  Reminds me of an old room-mate.  narcissistic, self centered, asinine, arrogant, lazy, lying thief.  Oh, and he was stupider than he thought - at least with analyzing and synthesising information.  Was great at looking up facts in an encyclopedic format, but understanding or explaining them??  HA.

okay, guess rants are over for now.  Keep forgetting to call p-doc about this Depakote change. don't think it's working quite well enough...

Peace and Blessings all,

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