24 October 2010

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

I was looking for an article on some information a friend is sending me. I will have to wait till it arives, because it was more about the actual technique and equipment, it seems.  Techno-gear head kinda sounding stuff.
Anyway, I ran across this site looking for the presenter, Lucy J Miller.  It is about the SRC, or Sensory Research Center for the disorder of super-heightened sensory response.
I also ran across S.T.A.R. Center, or Sensory Therapies And Research Center. I know it gets me a bit sometimes. It gets my kid, too. (Suffers from Asperger's).

I hit these two heady articles. It's a heady night, I guess. Maybe that's why I decided to go - no, why my head is so cramped, and neck needs poping. I can actually feel the ucscels in my jaw and neck interact and try to stay tightened. that's crap that i have to fight a natural tendency like that.

Article One has to do with autistic children and thier "obsessive" type actions have to do with differently functioning sensory styles/patterns/whatchamacallits....  And that's a wild guess based upon two sentences and an attempt to decipher the esoteric speak of the title.

Aritcle Two is also supported by... hmm, maybe is a conglomeration that these professionals formed? Something I'm too tired to google and focus on reading right now. Lucky I can get through this. hold on, link copy.

Eyeballs burning. gotta think about some lighthouses right now, and dancing on the precipice of darkness, never in danger of falling over.  But a good rush for the novice....

Peace and Blessings all,

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