24 October 2010

Open disgust, created archetypes, irrational education

Here is an edited bit from a conversation I was having with a friend.  It's been edited for names, a bit of grammar, spelling (which I know, I know, I keep forgetting to do with me)

Well the boy the party was for saw John and was really happy he was there. Then this other boy from there class came around the table and saw John and a look of complete disgust came over his face. John was smiling so sweet at him and waving. The second boy said "Hi" to John but was clearly disgusted to see him there. I almost got sick right there. My heart completely broke.
I know what he has coming and I am just so worried for him

I know. I'm so sorry you saw that. But maybe he will have more friends than those that don't want him. He has so much support and love, I don't think that will be much a problem though.

I just feel sick inside. My heart hurts

But sadly, the diff between most kids and adults is just a thinly veiled covering of the same ignorant irrationalities as they had when they were 4 or 5 creating archetypes. These images created by the irational intensity and type added to the reactions of the event in conjunction with some unusual disjointed memories from the event.  These archetypes come back and flavor each and every interaction and interpretation, even when you first are aware of it, in most of your future interactions and interpretations.
Sometimes, even at his mid teen age, and having been with several of the same people for years, there is some of that.  I was helping them move one time, and I could see even those that were wonderfull too him, and were some kids he would hang around with, some of them were still somewhere in that uncertain and anxious zone which made them tense and frustrated with some of his things.
Luckily though, I don't think it is as bad now as it was for him younger.  And NOT talking about the school/IEP crap - that's just nothing but ignorant, greedy, hidden ajenda, we think we are smarter than all parents "educators" in my town.  I'm talking peers.  Yes, his peers are dealing with the awareness and the stigma shall be generally and personally on the individual less socially in the upcoming years.

But my opinion.

JUST REMEMBER HOW FRICKIN PESSIMISTIC I AM OF SOCIETY AND IT'S... "growth of understanding" capability.  (it gets fun to play with color and font stuff sometimes....)

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