24 October 2010

Why I don't look in the eyes

One of the reasons  I look at the lips when someone talks is that I am tone deaf.  But another is the

“Eye  Thing”

for some reason it is hard to look into the eyes.  An epiphany I had about this was that it forces me to experience the voice as a true and independent entity, not some extension of my senses that is more in my controll.
To look out there, and know only chaos in my mind, the erratic thoughts, the multiple irrational attempts to initiate impulsive actions - destructive actions to my eventual or current emotional and mental well being - to see that there is another being out there - it's mind like mine (assumption of my ignorance compounded by the fear of pessimism) that brings an overwhelming sense of inability to succede, to acomplish, to even initiate the patterns neccessary to aid me through my day.  That sometimes gets to touch, but not as bad as my childs.
Wonder how it is for the autism spectrum out there.
Any comments, please?!?!?!

Peace, Blessings, and thanks!

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