14 November 2010

Woah... Warning! Warning Will Robinson!!! Potential BS article ahead!!

Was curious about this, and was reading an article in "Examiner", a philidalphia online mag.  The Examiner has a woman that writes regularly on Mental Health Issues as presented in the news, both locally and nationally.  Seems to do a fair bit of research, and has a "well educated lay person" understanding of the medicine and physiology - wether ahead of time, or if she researches till she understands her article, I am unsure.  But she does show the type of thinking and procedures that a researcher of authoritative locations would have, imo.

Here is the basic article.  She presents the info quite well, and a good job at neutrality and objectiveness.  But once I went to the site to read what the company had to say about their stem cell procedure, I had to cry B.S. - they went with pseudo-science fear hype, and lack of explanation of their method, and apply some known successfull methods and methods that COULD work, but not in all cases.  It of course depends on if the child has food sensitivities, what types of allergies, and how well they recognize and interact with people.  But I leave it for you.  And please, feel free to yell back at me if you find info that supports this!

Stem cell therapy and autism  

Here is the company I call B.S. on:  Fetal Cells Technology International

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