17 November 2010

This sounds really cool... aside from the contraversy this could bring up due to the stem cell issue, but I think we might as well use all that we have to aid ourselves.  As long as we have the parts, and the rich their money, I'm sure cyborgism is a coming along.  Interesting philosophical concepts in istelf - questioning the truth of life, the memories, souls, is the "essence" of humanity still there? Why? What WOULD the irrational logic be? (and yes, I mean both of those literally and not exclusively or in an ironic jest)

Medical News Today:  Using induced pluripotent stem cells from patients with Rett syndrome, scientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have created functional neurons that provide the first human cellular model for studying the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and could be used as a tool for drug screening, diagnosis and personalized treatment.

I have recently contacted CARD, to see if I can have any clarification on some of their Therapies and basic methodology, research, as well as a few odd questions that everyone looks at me kinda funny about, but several agree that there is some validity to the ideas behind the whole Bipolar/Autism thing... to many subtle similarities, if taken as a whole group, seems to not work.  But then the way the mix in the individuals is so... close, that being on the "inside of the box" which, in it's way, puts me on the outside, allows a different perspective.
Oh, but I'm crazy. Oh, but I don't know Psychyatry. Oh, but I'm not smart... Oh, but, what? 90% 3 degrees? Hazmat, IT, and NBC field medic training? what, you know those terms and that relationship and....
Yes Virginia, I do have a brain!

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