25 January 2011

The fear of pseudo science

think im gonna be in an argument with my FB autism group, and maybe even get unfriended by a few ~
It's the MMR argument, all around the one guys study.
His study is even worse than the ones performed by the drug companies accepted by the FDA.... and I wonder when they are gonna change their rules???
in a nutshell - he based the primary results and impetus of his study on what 12 kids showed - as PROOF DEFINITIVE of MMR vacine (because of the thimerol) caused Autism. Even though this is based on parents saying when it happened (no actual records, no consistant standard descriptions of problems) and 5 of these kids were already DIAGNOSED with developmental problems.
The origional hypothesis was based upon IB relation in infants/newborns compared to other groups, as a result of the MMR. 

other than my FDA type irritation with this, it scares me. There are so many  ppl properly educated concerning what a true scientific study is, how it's performed and peer reviewed.  And then add the intense irrationality connected to this subject, esp. for primary caregiver, and you have ppl reaching for things that may not work, or even make a situation worse.
I must tread lightly, tenderly with this to help them see and understand... please pray I listen to love and patience when I deal with this!!!

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