25 January 2011

morning, finally - 5 hours late. don't know whats wrong - lethargic depression of feeling useless and cold and no sunlight?? Hatred of the world's dual standards, even within the mental health community?? (don't see bipolar in the news unless it's someone who's done something really fucked up then it's "Oh, he's obviously bipolar or schizoid") which most of the time, these cats are in which most of the time, these cats are in the ACUTE or initial stages. For those of us under care and mostly stable? Thanks to that and any state without STRINGENT follow through and labor laws requiring RECORDED reasons to let go, we under care get SCREWED OVER AND IGNORED BY THAT COMMUNITY, AND EVEN OUR OWN SOMETIMES.

Why do I feel so isolated so much?  Just take a look around you at the world and how it views us, with a predetermined profiling by community, the judicial militia (police), and the assumed attitudes of how they are protecting EVERYONE by ignoring us or locking us up when there are stressors created BY THEM that ccreate a lessened ability to maintain the rational hold.


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