14 September 2006

Just a quick note....

To those who regularly or semi-regularly visit, I appologize forthe lack of posts the past few days. I have been in a combination mildly depressed/sick state, and have lost my internet connection at home.
I am trying to rectify that, but untill I can, the posts will be semi-erratic.

I did have some success, though. Sometimes it is truely the little things that can help - going out with the younger brother of a friend, getting an e-mail from someone I haven't talked to in a while, and finding out that the temp job I have is still going to be needed untill the next major project in my department. I did not realize how subtlely the stress can be. I honestly felt myself relax with out any need to try my meditative techniques.

Currently in the back of my mind I have a philosophical expose I am working on... just need to find some of my notes!

Peace to you all...

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Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.