18 December 2006

Christmas - good times

So far, this season has been one of the best I have ever had. Stress levels seem lower, especially for what is happening this year. Maybe it's semi-manic impulsive denial, but I'm hoping for a more steady state situation.
I went to Wally-World (our nick name for Wallmart) at ll:00 at night, and had no delays in waiting, no dealings with hypocrites pretending to be nice while hatefull to those they don't know, of massive crowds with overloading stimulation, and painfull waits in long lines. (My god, how I hate waiting more than one person - what a waste of time!! And if I have gone somewhat manic from the massive crowds, that is just a breaking point.)
This is the first year of the synergy of Depakote and Straterra that I have experienced. The stability over the last year, the improved techniques and improved skill levels with those techniques, I think, have kept me more calm. Being calmer, I was able to make much more rational decisions ahead of time to place me in a situation where stress levels would be at lower maximums. If lucky (as was the case - wow, luck on my side) I was able to avoid almost every one, and those that I did encounter were somewhat like me - be nice, but we all are trying to avoid crowds - so lots of give, take, and I'll run over-here-while-you-look-there-and-then-switch later activity. Wonderfull! The only wait was a minute for a clerk to come back from helping someone, and I felt like it was forever, but was able to keep those feelings from blowing out of proportion, and I felt so much better when I left than I normally do.

But there is sadness and lonliness too, and I'll write about that next.

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