07 December 2006

Lots of weird things going on in my head right now - just stuff I've experienced, been told, seen, overheard - causing multiple views of an already distracting world in which skewed thoughts constantly occur. The randomized directions of thought, each constrained within the realms of probability from the cause-effect sequence and quantamization of electrical charges that leads to the idea, is already in itself, difficult to follow and nudge into various directions. I'm wondering where I stand and where others stand in relation to the sub-society I am in. What modes and methods of interaction are neccessary for me to contemplate and perform to the best I can within this subset and it's currently increased dynamic flux?
When I have these semi antisocial and pseudo outcast thoughts, I question my validity of input. How much is just a perception change from a radically unexpected mix of neurotransmitters? How much is from mood? Oops, well, mood is great now. There goes another chip into the thin veneer of the good ol' "Yep, I'm a normal stable human that you are used to and think like about 85%+ of the population"...
Who cares, I have a cool story going on in my head, lets me keep flirting (?) (creative aspects and elevated mood) and progress onto other ideals, revelations and sub-realities of my existance (from the multiple racing thoughts in a brain pretending to multitask at several billion GHz).

Yep. Carpe Deim! Just make sure no one else is around because despite what this country says, humanity is nothing but a bunch of cud chewing sheep that can only live comfortably in a thick quagmire of gangerous conformity, illusion, and denial. Too bad for them.

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