26 January 2007

Fantastic day today! It is warm today (comparatively speaking), and bright sunshine. Makes all things wonderful, for me. The temp and lack of wind makes it nice enough to handle a few moments outside with no jacket. The bright sun, even though it hurts the eyes a bit, keeps me in an up mood - enough to where the mania wants to come out and play. I'm at work, so can't quite let it out now, but soon... After work, it explodes! Left it such that any impulsive splurges or decisions I make will not effect me to the point of problems. Will set up a few blocks on it tonight to make sure that doesn't happen.

Had dinner with my child last night. Went wonderfully! Ate at a Mongolian buffet restaurant, and there were no problems socially or emotionally. Even with a large number of subs in the last week, with a busy night schedule with the mother, my child was amazingly stable, and emotionally low keyed - not emotionless, just not as intense as my child can get.

What kind of limits do any other bi-polars place on themselves? Do any of you set aside mania or depression time? (Not just alone time, but time to allow the borderline emotion full release). Does anyone use memories of the emotions to help regulate when the feel the opposite emotion becoming too intense? How many of you feel nervous in groups - but not necessarily 'social anxiety'? How many of you self medicate on occasion?

Thanks for any responses. I have left my e-mail visible so you can send it to me directly if you wish.


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