19 January 2007

"Fort Bliss Stud"

That's what I tell myself to remind me of how to overcome the current madness, force my will, and take back controll of the erratic thoughts in my head.
I went to Fort Bliss in the late 80's, a member of one of the very last cycles to be in the all male basic training camp. I was in a warrior Batalion - that means each company has had each and every person pass the tests the first time around. They had been such for several cycles, near a record for such things at training bases.

I had fallen sick with a severe cold and possible pneumonia. I had to stay in the base hospital for 3 days. I almost had to redo the training, and I almost didn't pass any of the tests. But my buddies and Drill Seargents pulled for me, helped me, and I made it. We all made it - a warrior platoon in a warrior company in a warrior Batalion. Not just sucking it up, but moving on, and with success!! I shall overcome and controll the blaze while it is still just at an ember stage.

So, with pride and power, I say "I am a Fort Bliss Stud", and I will and do overcome!!!

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