10 January 2007

Thank You CBGB's

I want to thank all that made CBGB's happen! The owners, those that worked there, the people who kept it alive, but most of all, the new music scene!!!

I heard a song today by a group I really like musically and lyrically. It was the Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime". Then I heard "Freedom of Choice", by Devo. I really do believe that to certain degrees, most people want "freedom", but don't know how to think. So they need to be told what to do, and then when the see the others, who don't think of consequences, act irresponsibly under the banner of "Freedom", it makes some of us look bad.
Hey, I fought for and gave 8 years of my life for the freedoms, privalegs and responsiblities of the United States Constitution. I'm not against doing what you want, just make sure it doesn't limit any one elses choice making ability!

However, in general, it put me in a great mood. I mean, thinking of freedom, a new and beautiful day, and just being reminded on a nice, gentle morning to "just let it go...shake it off". Beautiful! Music can be such a wonderfull and uplifting experience - the memories and moods it instills and inspires is a beautiful cacophany of ordered creativity!

C Ya! Wouldn't want to B Ya! (or me for that matter. Anyone have an empty alien body for sale that I can pull a pod person move on?)

Peace -

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