13 February 2007

Snow -

Cold wind down my neck
Shivers down my spine

A beautiful world of peace, of no one else around.

Blanket of silence
Comforting my sense

A pleasant delay of wild thoughts

rising above my petty problems left in my mind

creating cyclical thought processes of explosive acceleration

Sadness with it all...

Knowing I will return to a world of pain, hate, self centered hubris, destructive expression of inner desires and evil selfishness. All hiden behind the phisod of appearant concern and euphamisms, attempting to hide from the reality of ourselves in the materialistic driven misguided pseudo-religious defenders of my life, health and soul.

Hmmmm. I don't remember them asking me anything, and I know I have been telling and yelling alot about it, trying to let them know. But just as those who hid behind rose-collored blinders to ignore the dirty greyness of their life, these hide behind earphones and broken interpretations of the opinions and beliefs around them...

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