14 February 2007

Why Valentines Day is REALLY Red

Here it is, another one of my bah-humbug essays about the current capitalistic abuse of materialistic view of love. (Thanks, Puritans - and that's another story I can rant about - I guess like all of little pet peeves, huh guys?)


One, the society. This, to me, seems to be an extension of the materialism = love that starts at Christmas time (oh ya, that one time a year we HAVE to be nice to make up for the self centered-ness of the rest of the year). If you don't buy chocolate, flowers, jewelry, spend $100's of dollars, then you don't love them, do you?

Two, the attitudes. I can't count the number of times (since I noticed it in 3rd or 4th grade) of how many people ignore you, even on a day when you are to "love"... I guess that relates to just the kind of love that satisfies your happiness, self-image and lust? I thought love was more an attitude of concern, consideration and assistance for all. Hmmm, must be the bipolar/asperger's confusion on what words mean despite their definition and history of meaning. (Guess that throws Webster out the window!)
Even if someone does 'like' you, or is nice, many of them are not as friendly, communicative, tolerant, or joyful to talk to you on any other day.

Three. Do you really mean what's on the cards you give to people? "Be mine" - do you REALLY want everyone you give that to to be yours? Nope. Then why perpetuate the phisodal hypocrisy of the day?

It all comes around to this: It has developed into, with careful propaganda of the capitalist market (no, I'm not angry at them, they are just using the ignorant stupid denial already perpetuated in other cases) this has become nothing but a self serving event to show how great YOU are, without truly showing any concern for humanity.

Another one of the lies in this society that the "SANE" people have so deluded themselves with the psychotic episodes that only the crazy people can see, understand, and express. But in their denial, the sane people ignore us (or maybe out of habit born of misunderstanding and lack of caring).

Could be I'm just tired of having my low self esteem and regret at past mistakes with love and feelings of intense lonliness and isolation being made greater by the excessive expressions around me.

Wish we could be like this all the time - hugs, friends holding hands, touching sholders, even kissing cheeks. But damn America is so screwed about such affections of care = sex = bad.

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