15 February 2007

Why I Now LOVE Valentines Day

The first, main and biggest thing was the card my child made for me! It was wonderful! A very beautiful card out of construction paper, cut shapes, lots of color, and telling me how much my child loved me. It broke my heart in the sense of how cold and insensitive I had been to the love I knew I had around me.

An old friend of mine called, one that always makes me happy to be with. Even though I am in a really emotionally turbulent state on my feelings, I do need her. I made a BAD mistake, one that I will always regret, one that will always hurt. Not because it makes me feel bad, but because of what it did to them, how it makes them feel, when it happened. It was STUPID. No matter what else happens though, I want, I need to always have that friendship. I just wish I hadn't done things to make it where it couldn't be as intimate as before.

Another thing was a problem I had at work. I finally had the courage and rational control to be considerate enough to appologize after one communication. Happily, she understood. With a child that has Autism, and I believe another with ADD, it was nice and wonderful to have that response and know my paranoia was as bad as I knew it could be, instead of having a true reason as it sometimes does.

Well all wonderful things! Now I get to go home early (well, I'm sick, so kinda good)

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