08 June 2008

Anyway, today was a combination of boring & somewhat busy, minor accomplishments, short naps, indifrence, lost time, worry, anxiety, and I really hope tomorrow is either much dryer or wetter than they're talking. I got to go to a place to work where I am never given the time to complete the place the way it needs to be. Never enough people. Can only go so fast, ignore so much, stress so hard... (Oh thank god, the front has gone through. Arthritis has stoped messing with the sciatic (sp?) nerve in my left leg...)
Anyway, may the rain pour, the ground flood, and tomorrow be over and done with. Could use a day off, still will have over 45 hours when I start work Sat morning next week... But a 5 day week less than 50-ish hours would be groovy....
Bored. Tired. Blank. Dull. Foggy muteness in the brain, misty dust yet again. Thoughts just want to have fun, can't walk, can't run, my oh my I am done.

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