21 June 2008

Insomnia, again, of course

Yesterday could only get about 4 hours of sleep in, and I don't think that was even very good. Then last night I slept such that I was able to get my normal 6ish (actually closer to 7), but the timing is so far off that I'm up by 4 am my time. Yuck.
Made yesterday quite difficult at work, let alone some of it tomorrow.

Boring waiting for Farmers Market, no newspaper, nothing really on TV (sci channel, disc., even news is too much recap). Well, might be able to go get a paper now...some entertainment. But now I'm almost too bored to even get in my car for the 1/4 mile or so drive. Let alone walk (but I get lazy with my arthritis-in-the-back excuse). Getting tired of searching for crap on the web - ends up being a waste of time, sometimes. Wish I could just jump to what I need instead of having to search if articles are referenced, etc. Got to brush up on search engine and academic sites/techniques here soon - going to try an horticulter degree/Kansas Gardener Forum-Blog. But I will still keep up on this one, too.

Well, I feel awake but lost my train of thought. Guess I'll go get that paper, and see if I can focus here before Farmer's Market...
Guess not. Just too dull brained right now. Maybe something at the market or when I finally plant today there will be something. Think of all the people to stare at :-) and get angry at with those two places!!!!

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