25 November 2009

E Harmony

Of course, told the truth there about drugs n stuff, but no place to explain. Oh well, didn't get any response.
Tried another time under diff account, but did no drugs and no christian. Again, no responses.

Whatever. Thanks for telling me I'm not worthy in your society for companionship.  I guess not of all us are deserving of love?
In fact, the last time, I never even got a response from e-harmony about my account in e-mail.  Automatic kick out if you don't put down an acceptable religion?  (researched, and heavy in Christian advertised charities.  leads me to a certain conclusion, no?)  What the fuck happened to Love your Neighbor as yourself? At least Buddists and Hindu's were accepting. Man, screw those damn self-rightous money grubbing Puritans!!! Thank you Luther!!!!
(now THAT would have been a cat to party with and have wonderfull philosophical arguments with!)

wow. long rant about them... so what. I'm alone, lonely, and never will have permanent companions. Learning to LOVE IT!!!

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