28 December 2009

Its sometimes amazing how easy the sleep cycle can get screwed up, esp. for my situation.  Other than the mania and "I don't need more than 5 hours of sleep" theory, being a landscaper, and the shorter days of winter, sleep is easily messed up.  Like now, Im yawning, but, as soon as i get in bed, I may be awake or just take another short nap or do a full rest.  I just don't know.
(It does make it frustrating in the sense of not being able to regulate and time things.  But maybe it's an occasional needed escape - time to do what I want to the level of quality I want as the urge to do an excellent job hits me)
I know part of the problem is a loss of routine.  But even the daily rituals, as long as they are followed in the same relative order, don't seem to help much.  Then there can be escapism, and the cabin feever associated with an inconsiderate, non paying, not trying to find work roomie.

...Brain has been disfunctional for a while.  Just spacing out...

Here it is!!!  maybe?  maybe???

ps.  article that's interesting for you: 
Yale Researchers Succeed In Repairing Brain Damage Caused By Chronic Stress, Lead Poisoning, Potential Implications For Bipolar Disorder

Yale University researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (September 7-11 edition) that damage to the brain caused by chronic stress or lead poisoning can be repaired by blocking a key molecular pathway.

Have a groovy day everyone!
I hope everything is consistantly as happy for you as I have been this evening!


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