10 January 2010

One night, while sitting drinking coffee, havinga few evening smokes of the completely legal and weirdly grey legal substances....  I picked up the evening lap top and read this in the local browser while music beat-boxed in the background to Fresh Prince, D.M.C., 2 Live, the Beasties, Poindexter, nd Mac Daddy.  (if those ring bells, let me tell ya, time to dust of your 8-tracks n plop it in the Hi-Fi!) (yes, I'm actually Mother Fuckin old... well, on the upswing to middle age, anyway.)
Often before you get to feeling angry, you start out feeling frustrated. Frustration is a rather unstable emotion and often slides into one direction or another. Either you begin to feel like a victim or feel self-righteous, both of which can lead to your becoming angry. Once that happens you're in a reactive mindset and it's unlikely that a conversation at that point will go anywhere but downhill.

So next time that happens to you, while you are in the frustration phase, do the following to counteract your slipping and sliding into those other places:

To counteract feeling like a victim, pause and think of three things you are deeply grateful to your partner about, You'll find that you can't be grateful and feel like a victim at the same time...

To counteract feeling self-righteous and as if the other person is utterly clueless, pause and think of three things that make you a piece of work to live with. You'll find that you can't feel earnest humility and be self-righteous at the same time...

From the Article: (Blog) Just Listen The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime:  "Don't go to bed angry" - "Oh really?"

(Salt n Peppa "Let's talk sex......"  what?  oh, okay.  don't talk about enjoying the natural urges to carry on the species.  let's NOT talk about carying on the human race.......   the "dirty" thing we do.   well, you wouldn't be able to shver with the heebie jeebies about it if your parents felt the same way idiots!!)
Disillusion - revolution - Devolution - resolution
Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
the impossible dream, yet once again
I find myself wondering along the highway
And I need to still start the production line
that makes the train on time
twisting the cosmic strings of supersymetry

I did papers, in GRADUATE level research courses on superstring symetry, nucleosynthesis, and a new probability analysis program for neutrienos...  I still have them.  I found them cleaning.  I still basically understood them.  Need to get back into reading...  im looking at my Functional Neuroanatomy and the Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness...

Friends by Whodini

Freaks come out at night  (no, it's not friends again...)

Freak - A - Zoid (please report to the dance floor) by Midnight Star

No Parking on the Dance Floor

and, last but not least in the funk-dance-sorta dicso-bubllegum 80's music:

Wild Wild West by Kool Moe Dee

Thought you might like the flashbacks...
Peace -

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