11 January 2010

Right on! another chance to see if someone actually bitches at me!!

 Been trying some things on FuckBook - excuse my ire - and im wondering if im actually going to get a comment about how it's all really my fault.  I tried friends from school - same B.S.  oh, Tip, hi, glad to see you, miss you,  bull shit bull shit haven't said anything for over 4 months now.  just like HS and when I first came to Lawrence.  Fuck Book them all.  Same lies by the same people who convinced me a lot of things in life were just superficial images in an attempt to apear "good, sweet, kind... oh yea, and my favorite... "Im a Christian" yah, right - you either use it to feel superior in the im saved your not heathen racist aspect, or it's just obvious they really don't care what it means or  believe in the share/love your brother, have no other god, get to heaven through me simple 1 rule and advice on methodolgy.
Come in face book.  Yeah, i got into some of the games.  but they became more of a problem - stalling, not fully loading the pages, loosing actions because of those hangups, etc.  Then you start to notice how many people you get as "friends" just for the fricken games.  then even if you set up groups on your friends to control access to things, it shows how many superficial "im a friend" bull shit there is - just so you can do better in a game.  Pretend to be a friend, knowing the person is doing the same, just to be better.  use someone.  yeah, there were a few ppl that regularly returned the "gifting" - the minimal interaction necessary - that is just even a more regular using of people for personal gain and nothing more.  Is this what the current world truely sees as a friend?  As typical interaction???
Yes im angry.  I don't know why this has my ire up - but it can't even be taken in a fun, lighthearted sense.  Just a waste of time and nothing but a reinforcement on how fake everything is in this society any more.

oh  yah.  don't forget.  it's all my fault, i throw people away - i use my disorder as an excuse.  It has nothing to do with the fact people assume Im something different, and when I don't act or be excactly want they want in their simple little worlds they run away from me like Im a leper - like Im Set.... (egyptian god of chaos - he 'became' the symbol of evil eventually, because fear of chaos - of change - became interpreted that way.)    The snake actually was a symbol of knowledge - knowledge makes change.  But if you are afraid of the unknown, don't like change - if you're viewed negatively - well, then howdy doody - the snake is the symbol of evil...  im not quite that bad, but I guess I do think, and cause change, and eliminate bliss by destroying the lies of beauty they toss upon themselves.

Hmmm - sociologists - ever consider doing a study on things like facebook and myspace??  soooo easy to hide....

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