03 February 2010

Day 1 Here

It is amazingly awesome being here.  The people I'm visiting are very wonderful cats - who have 2 as well.  And a little chihuahua-long haired dauchshund mix dog.  It is also so groovy to get away from the environment I was in and have a major change for a while.  The apprehension of the trip is gone, the beauty of relaxation is here.
The best part is, so far, I have noticed some mental cleaning going on.  Allowing me to erase some of the troubles and  baggage from the past.  Some baggage I didn't realize as such, some needs the zipper completely shut on it (imagine the bouncing on luggage zip it in trick), and some, well, I just got a message from the Congo reporting they had some...
I couldn't be happier here.  What brings me is sad, tough, rough, but I couldn't imagine anywhere else in the world right now.  The joy, beauty, peace, the SERINITY I have found - as Ren would say, "Happy, happy - joy, joy!"  (where's the $5 dollars, man??).
I'm taking lots of pictures, I'm gonna do a few drawings to post for you, links, so much, so much!  But I couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't slow down for you guys!  (just when I get forgetfull on what to write...)

ps - I get to do a bit of watching a youngin with Autism... the research... we'll get back to you on my idea of Autism-Bipolar being ends of same disorder with neurological aspects in the head brain place of ours.

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