02 February 2010

Here at my friends house, done with the traveling.  It can be sooooo hard to drive.  It is so extremely boring, esp. at night.  Nothing to truely focus on.  Nothing to be able to grab and use as a reference. (Tried a recorder to remember ideas, but I don't always remember it [my dad got it for me.  I'm not even sure where it is right now.  Wish I could find it]) You CANT sleep, but desperately need to stay awake (like, DUH!!!!!!!)  But it is great to be here, enjoying the friendship, meeting new people.
Due to the excitement of the end journey, I was able to drive further than normal from the back pain.  But oh, the combination of that, excitement, pushing myself that one time for about 1/2 a hour, and I got a second wind...deadly for a single person on a trip.  I went from "tired droopy head" to not being able to think - just drive.  It's okay if you stay on major highways - but when you're in the dark, alone, not knowing the area, it's a pain. 
Miss a turn, no landmarks, don't know WHAT you missed, or where you missed it - and you just turn around and drive some more.  Not exactly the same thing, because you know there is a difference, you just can't find it - like a "sane" insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over (like driving between the point you knew was GOOD, and the point you're at) expecting the same results is considered insanity.  But my result I expect is a true thing that is there - that one clear option to get to where you need to be.  I WANT to find that answer, the way out of the reptition that leads to the clear, beautiful trees in the appalations.

Those mountains were quite a joy.  Trees, beauty, distance - the distance one could see is amazing!
(ps don't drive in Tennesse if you want to keep your sanity... heh heh - he said sanity....)
{distance aint as groovy as CO or the Alps, but it's still really groovy!!!!}

Hey - time to check out stuff to adjust the blog more!!!

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