18 March 2010

Free flow for you gus in mania

Sure-reef don't like it, ROCK!!!!!  at the cashbah, I began to wail, as the 5 fighter band played the country music for the methusalah!!!!
Comment if you know what the mania is saying to you! to me!  lets just headbang and be!!!!!! (yes,that and the following relate to real songs) Princess Nikki, who reigns in the purple grinder, with an axe to bear and sharpen....  lie on the tiger, my oh my!!!!!!  watch how time flies --- realatively speaking when you gravitate beyond thier inertial influence uon the trapings of you heart mind, and soul and you blast throught this reality.
wonderful free flow sa can tell my keys arnet even hitting the keys correctly... trying to keep up the words in head scentences down each mistake slowme up as i try to correct one way or another im ging to getcha gfetcha getcha getcha getcha rocking rocking roomie finally with monie one way or another kill kill rush enjoy controll voer... nothing....... watcha trying to to my heart pat bennaetar voice so beautiful... so sweet....   liked therythyms.... acording to itunes timmer 43 seconds just headbaning to her - you better run... alabies telling you the lies of human flies maturing from the magots of thier social hypocracy and facades (spelling?  wish this damn thing had spell check...)
got to go check out some meta search engines.  hold on a groovy sec or two or about 10 minutes...
oh darn, remembering an e-mail.. hold on again
heh....savage revenge on the thorn in my side, so sucker, are you planning to take me down?  got experience

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