20 March 2010

From the night before.......

Had alot of anger and tension today.  Blew up at my ex.  don't even remember if I appologized to her or not.  One room mate is taking forever to pay debts, a stupid mistake leading to cuourt problems.  Blew up when I thought X was sending people out to find stuff on me and blow it out of proportion to her.
Been cycling a lot, also.  Two nights in the past 3 have been less than 4 hours of sleep.  Up early today, when I am supposed to visit my child today.  Hopefully the snow will stay just a bit too bad (late snowfall this year) and I can take a nap later on...don't know if I can make it in a good mood all the time.
such simple things, really, but the brain is just simply hardwired this way... a computer running Mad Hat Linix, and it was built independantly by someone with a slightly different approach than the standard models... lots of short circuts that somehow work... quantum chaos highly limited by transitoning variables...
brain hurts... need cafine.   hold on.  oh, what the heck, smoke too.  Got to think about D&D anyway for a sec.   oooohhhh March Madness!
PATCHOULI INSENSE!!  Finally got some... most favorite scent ever!!  Drives me into the quiver shivers!!  That is one plant I will have to always have.  Need to find some, and get some seeds too.  Got to help Civilian Buddy and Buddy-ette with their little garden.
like you guys care what I need to do, I know.  But just letting you know how we can jump from track to track in very three dimensional skewed interconnections.  I think were forced that way, because the network we have does not work the way 80% to 90% do.  Even though others are three dimensional, they seem more - "linerar" in a rational sense.  Some of those that think "outside the box" do so in a skewed manner, but it's more two dimensional it seems, in the sense that it is something fairly related.  Not weird disjointed thoughts that are more like an explosion of brainstorming ideas for a talk that 10 people think are on 10 different subjects.

Anyway, time to go check out something.  I got distracted in two seconds with a yellawood comercial.  Do any of you remember right said fred?  just heard what sounded like a sample from one of his songs....

oh, time stores open.  Peace all!!!!

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