20 March 2010


Quote from 4th paragraph in this article.  I have seen this alot. 

After 7-Year-Old Gabriel Myers' Suicide, Fla. Bill Looks to Tighten Access to Psychiatric Drugs
"The drugs are not approved for use by young children. But doctors often prescribe them 'off-label,' for purposes for which the drugs have not been approved. "
Always, Always, ALWAYS check what the meds are for before buying at the pharmacy.  Check with the pharmacist, because the dr. will NOT know all of the potential interactions or side effects of any meds.  With drug companies fighting black box warnings, there is less cause for a dr. to notice potential severe/fatal side effects or interactions, because that is typically what they look for in a quick review before perscribing.

Always go to you specialists!  GO TO A PSYCHIATRIST!  Preferably one with some nurse training (i am lucky, I have a P-Doc that is also prescribing nurse - it allows for a more detailed understanding of interactions and basic physical health).  I mean, would you go to a nose doctor for surgery on your stomach??

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