22 March 2010

I recognize this...

This is how I felt in the school system:  Public and Private.  (just had a thought about my private school  I thank God that I went there now, no matter how much it sucked and chased me away from Christianity, and how I let it create a focus on the hypocrysy, dual standards, and ignorant denial within society, creating all the pain and hate I held onto.  The demons I created that burned with such passion that thier leaving has left such a retnal burn that they will forever be impressed upon my soul. That school allowed me to meet LDW - the one who would save me from my self and show me the Love that really DOES exist, the Joy I can have with God's Peace)

Quote from 3rd Paragraph:
Children falling through the cracks is something I am very personally familiar with. I have two brothers. When we were younger, nobody knew what things like ADHD and bipolar disorders were in our schools. Children who suffered from both were usually just classified as “bad kids” and instead of getting the help they needed, they were essentially mistreated within the schools.

Read the article.  I kinda agree.  Each district should maybe have a smaller school that focuses on needs - more resources, quicker access, better and more frequent communications.  Not a bad idea - same reason so many smaller groups join into a larger representative body.

School board candidate speaks out on special needs criticism

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