20 March 2010

Past, Present and Future Sickness

I used to feel this way, especially against the world.  I had the hate, the sickness of societies self-rightous hypocrasy and double standards and irrational logical and emotional responses against those who are different.
Now I sing it because I feel healed, but I remember the sickness.  I can take a bit of anothers pain, hate, feelings of persecution, even their "demons" for a while... a single persons hate is nothing to the legions of legions of legions of demons I ran across so far in my short life...

Finally, I sing it for the future.  I hope to never be there, but, IF YOU FUCK WITH THIS PERSONS FAMILY you can, with absolute asuredness, know this. I will take the Hate you are feeling and acting up, give it to myself, and remember...  I'll have them all, you will have none, and this beserking Fort Bliss Stud will tear you apart so slowly you will see two birthdays go by before I am done with you.... oh yea, there are things like fluid suppliments, minimal calories, drugs....

(i know, this can be used against me.  But at least Im giving you fair warning any once and future idiots)

Disturbed:  "Down with the Sickness"

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