20 September 2010

Feeling Foggy-Brained, Feelin Foggy-Brained....

Just can't think it now, can't think it now, can't think it.....  (another song here.... The previous one a couple back was "Mama Mama We're All Crazy Now" by Slade - redone by Quiet Riot & ?)

So much stuff going on lately in the land of irrational bunnies and lollipops getting eaten by the demon Azkul, that my mood hasn't been the same for more than a few minutes, it seems.  I mean the "main" mood has a momentum to over ride these humps, but the hate and crying... don't know where the hell that is coming from.  Cool things in physics lately, too, with the potential for a directionally changin constant... wonder what THAT does to those Dirac equation things I never learned and therefore don't understand and hate and want to see blow up when you make them anyway!!!!  Oooopppsss - weather type news.

A few articles that I thought you would enjoy having info about:

Five percent of adults have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and 90% of them are not diagnosed or aware of it. So the question is: Where have adults with ADHD been hiding?

Hearts & Minds: NAMI Highlights Meditation, Yoga And Other "Mindfulness" Practices For Mental Illness

     Meditation works well.  If you can catch yourself starting mania, it works awesomely!!  Benn doing it for decades to relax muscles, but it calms mind too.  Lets rational take control better, because it's a very formalprocess that cuts through many of the "levels" of thought one has - upper levels all the way down to affecting, if not activating event, the alpha and other "sleep" waves...

and finally:  Bipolar Disorder Does Not Increase Risk Of Violent Crime 

well, DUH!!!! we're too busy feeling guilty about everything. Especially in the mixed states....

Got to figgure the day out a bit better.  Will fully read the articles and jump back at ya with a discussion or insights...

Hope a couple of you cats from LHS-KC are reading this... rap with ya cats later!!

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