19 December 2010

Some warnings.... soapbox time!

Well, one of the things I do is attempt to advise, and Im putting this out. Not as a "Dont Medicate" but just to reinforce the education of self and make sure you discuss all options with your Dr and Pharmacist.  Don't hesitate to call a medical help line or even another Dr's office to see what kind of advice you can get.

Disability Program Prompts Needy Families to Medicate Children

The Supplemental Security Income Program, created by Congress in 1972 to help low-income children with severe physical disabilities including Down syndrome, is now mostly serving children with common behavioral and learning disorders, according an investigation by the Globe. Yet because children need to be disabled and medicated for their families to qualify, it encourages parents to seek prescriptions for powerful drugs that their youngsters might not need.
For many parents, it comes down to economics. In Massachusetts, for example, a parent with two kids who qualifies for welfare will get a maximum of about $600 a month. If one of those two kids is approved for the SSI program, the benefit can double.

Which can lead to:  A cruel dilemma for those on the cusp of adult life

And an editorial to the three part series that I pulled from for "A cruel dilemma for those on the cusp of adult life":  PUBLIC BENEFITS, PRIVATE DIFFICULTIES:  Disability system’s other recipient: drug firms

YIt is a sad thing to face this.
It is a sad thing to face this.  I myself am in the area where I could let my self degenerate further and try for disability, or suffer job after job after job in an at will state for now, trying to take care of all my debts and responsibilities.  It is a rough journey each day I contemplate it - frustration, sadness, guilt, fear.  All boiling in a cauldron of confusion with and at society.
Just be tollerant - help us by letting us struggle and move along, forgiving us of the hic cups we may cause in the thin, almost thread bare social fabric we hang on to.

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